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The game where you create your own stuff....I just needed a Description im still working on one.
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 Battle Guide Lines

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PostSubject: Battle Guide Lines   Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:48 pm

this is NOT the campaign thread. Do NOT post your campaigns here. post your request for a battle here, and give a reason so the person you are combating will know why, And tell what the battle field is. It could be in an Open field or a siege. the reason can be anything from he attacked me to he smells funny. I will then Create a Thread for your battle, alright?

If I am not on, and no other admin is on, create the thread and make your awesome opening post. then, your opponent will post his opener. Who ever has the best opener will have the choice of attacking first, or waiting to see what his opponent will do. I will make a brief Post with my desicion and then the person will simply create a post, which will also describe his decision.
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Battle Guide Lines
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