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The game where you create your own stuff....I just needed a Description im still working on one.
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 Getting Gold

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PostSubject: Getting Gold   Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:44 pm

there are a few ways to get gold...

1) making bets. you can send a PM to me with how much money you would like to place on a certain person/guild. depending on how it turns out, you may either gain gold or loose gold depending on the win:loose ratio.

2) posting. whenever you post from now on, and i feel that it is good enough, i will post like this *SO-and-SO: X gold* just to keep stuff simple. then, whenever you post, you can get gold!

3) bribes. this one is pretty simple... you can bribe people to help you. you will post three turns before they actually get there, which means at the quickest, they could get there three turns into the battle.

4) WINNING. whenever you win, i will give out gold. the more you do to help your team, the more gold you get. Hell, if i feel certain member(s) of the loosing side deserve a littlew money, then they'll get it.

again, if i feel something needs to be added, I'll add it. or, PM me with your ideas.


5) to get gold, you need to either a) be thye leader of a guild, or b) be an officer in a guild. to be an officer, i need the Guild Leader's permission to give you gold. the gold you will then get will be a small portion of what he gets, and when you post, you will recievea smaller amount.
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Getting Gold
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