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The game where you create your own stuff....I just needed a Description im still working on one.
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 Assassin Master Shaki

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Assassin Master Shaki

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PostSubject: Assassin Master Shaki   Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:35 pm

Name- Assassin Master Shaki
(1)Race- Vampire
Sex- Male
Age- unknown
Height- 5'9
Weight- 170
(2)Class- Ninja
(3)Fighting style- Gyro Shine
(4)Weapon Style- Duel Weilder
(5)Guild- Assassins Guild
(6)Village- Hidden Leaf Village
(7)Appearance- He's a short man in a black robe and traditional ninja armour but his armour has a blood red ruby in the center and his armour has a blood red tint. he has long black hair and has hazel eyes that change with his moods. He also has a leaf ninja head band. And the Assassins Guild symbol on the back of his robe.
(8)Money-(Everyone starts with 200 Gold)

Main Weapon- (Death)- It's a katana make of pure obsidian and it sheith sharpens it everytime he puts it in or pulls it out of the sheith.
Secondary Weapon- Kuni just regular ninja weapons.
Special Armor/Accessories-(Shadow) regular ninja armour but it has a blood red ruby in the middle and it has a blood red tint if you look at it a certin way. +30 Stealth +20 Agility

Special Attacks- (Thrust)- He pulls his sword back really far and with a burst of stregnth he stabs the sword through the enemys head,
Attack 1- (Slash), A rapid amount of hits in a matter of seconds.
Attack 2-(Sneaky stab), comes up behind the victom and stabs him multipule times in the back and once threw the spine.
Finishing Attack-(Silent neck breaker), He comes up behind the victom and puts one hand on the front of his neck and one on the back and thrusts his hands from left to right breaking his neck without him even knowing it.
Strength- 110
Armor- 90
Agility- 210
Accuracy- 120
Endurance- 100
Willpower- 130
Personality- 220
Stealth- 230
Energy- 110
Magic- 100
Earth- 100
Fire- 100
Wind- 100
Water- 100
Metal- 100
Holy- 30
Unholy- 100
Light- 60
Shadow- 110

(Experience will be modified by the cite administrators)
Experience- 0/1000
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Assassin Master Shaki
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