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The game where you create your own stuff....I just needed a Description im still working on one.
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 The Rules!!!

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Assassin Master Shaki

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PostSubject: The Rules!!!   Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:19 pm

The rules are easy to follow but they must be gone over and dumbed down for those less inteligently fortunate. The rules here are scattered throughout the site already but this is a brief summary.

1.) Listen to the Admin... Duh!

2.) Listen to his other Staff Members... See, obvious.

3.) Don't God modeing... this is the act of acting like an unworthy god on the site. Any God Moding will be delt with brutally. 'God-modding' is any instance in which your character forces another character to be hit, or any other instance in which its up to the owner of the character what the fate of their avatar shall be.

Also, God-modding is when your character uses godly powers deemed inappropriate. (A.K.A Moving entire planets, etc.)

4.) When creating your character be sure to watch the restrictions so that you don't create a conflict with your other comrades on the site.

5.) Have fun... don't look at this site as a job but more as a hobby. If you are in the middle of a story then let the admin know and he will help you out on keeping up with the story if you would like for him to.

6.) I don't care if you cuss just so long as it is not directly at a member...

7.) No descrimination will be tollerated... Any descrimination against a character will be delt with brutally.

8.) Some stories may have post levels... which means you must be very creative to join them... These are created by staff members and they can enforce any rules they wish if you are not able to keep up.

This is not a rule but if you have any ideas for guilds and such then simply tell a staff member and they will find the path of least resistance so that the site will be better for you.
And your character can be in lots of different guilds so don't just limit your character to one guild.

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Assassin Master Shaki

Posts : 104
Join date : 2008-04-25
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: The Rules!!!   Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:19 pm

More rules... these will be abided by or they will result in a warning then being banned, EVEN the appointed administrators...

...Story Lines...
Every story will be controled by an administrator that created it or by one that is apointed, and once the story is made, the admins may create rules in the game... such as the types of races they will allow in the story and stuff. (Yes the admins may have characters in it also.) Ths storyline involes the setting, the terain, and the opposing forces...
... This means that when in a story a person can only control the character... And only that Character!!!

The battles are also only controled by admins. And posts will be judged fairly from now on...
... I don't care how biased you are, if a person posts somthing that is 5 paragraphs long and it is directed at your character... It hits in every meaning of the word! If the post is so, so... this means one paragraph or less, the plan should backfire and the character should get hurt...
... a good post is atleast 2.5 to 3 paragraphs long...

I personally will check every story, battle and... well everything, to make sure that this rule is being enforced...
... I'm not making this rule so that people will die faster but so that the stories are more interesting than... "You never know in these parts,"Rax said conspisioucly"(this is a real post)... when this accures the character should be meraculously struck by lightning... am I clear?!

This is it for now...
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The Rules!!!
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